itinerary analyses

The process of making a vessel itinerary looks simple but it is not. Almost all the departments of the vessel/office have a word to say for one or another reason. The Shore Excursions are no exception, and we will provide you valuable feedback. We can analyze the viability and interest of the itinerary, what can and cannot be done. Preparation is all, allow us to help you!

operation MANAGEMENT

When running a cruise rarely any operation goes according to the plan due to unforeseen events or forces of nature. Good planning and preparation are paramount for a smooth operation, nonetheless, there are a lot of management decisions to be made on spot. Every day is a new day for us to learn something new about running ships shore excursions. We are here to assist, we can help to run the operation on board, if needed, and/or oversee the operation from the office.

multi-language experience

ABT – Ana Bespoke Tours will adapt your shore excursions programme and the onboard operation to one language or to several languages. Just let us know how you are marketing your product, and all will be adapted according to the nationalities on board, not only the language of the tours but their content as well.

shore excursions MARKETING 

When the shore programme is finalized it is essential to have the best strategy and approach to your clients, sales and revenue levels depends on those.
We will prepare for you all the shore excursions material and information to be given to your clients, such as: booking forms, terms and conditions, GDPR, shore excursions brochure, on board presentations, additional information material and any other you may require.
ABT – Ana Bespoke Tours will follow up all the procedure from ashore to onboard.

Training and team management

Traditionally the shore excursions team are divided between the office staff (executives) and the onboard staff. Spite of everyone working for the same outcome the functions and job descriptions are quite different. 
The executives prepare all details of the operations, chooses suppliers, define programmes, in some cases help with visa requirements and anticipates all aspects for a smooth onboard operation.
The onboard team executes the previously prepared programme, dealing directly with all issues in each call. 
Having a well-trained and prepared team makes the difference between a successful and profitable operation and a problematic one. All this has a direct impact on the shore excursions revenue, amount of complaints, refund requests, branding, and passenger satisfaction and loyalty. ABT – Ana Bespoke Tours can assist you to train, prepare and/or improve your team and product.

Because is important!

Safety & Security are Here!

All business operations come with a certain amount of risk.

Does your shore excursions department/company have an implemented safety procedure? We are not talking about the ships compulsory SMS! 

We are talking about a Safety Management System that concerns only the shore excursions and their operation. When running the shore excursions department, a myriad of things may happen, from the simplest things to an accident that may or not involve fatalities.

Is there an emergency protocol in place? Does the team know how to activate it?"

You were not prepared, and something happened? You need help NOW?

Get in touch, we can help!

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